Weekly Construction Update
Route 9 Ledge Stabilization, Woodford
DATE: Thursday, 10/7/21


Traffic holds are currently scheduled today and tomorrow from 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Motorists should anticipate delays of approximately 15-20 min during this time frame.

Brief periods of traffic holds may be required intermittently next week in order to get trucks in and out of the construction zone. These holds will not have a significant impact on traffic.

A work zone speed reduction is now in place. The speed limit in the work zone has been reduced to 40 mph. A speed check has been installed on the west end of the project zone. Fines are doubled for speeding within the work zone.


Blasts are scheduled for today (10/7) and tomorrow (10/8). Crews will be hauling ledge material throughout the week next week.

Blast dates for next week have yet to be determined.

Trucks will be hauling ledge material out of the construction zone for the remainder of this week into next week. Motorists should be aware of vehicle movements in and out of the construction zone. Shorter, intermittent traffic holds will occur throughout the week. Please expect minor delays.

Drilling holes for upcoming blast.

Blast pattern.
LOCATION: Route 9 just east of Notch Road in Woodford, VT approximately 2.9 miles east of the Bennington-Woodford town line.

Contact Information:
Name - Natalie Boyle
Phone - (802) 855-3893
Email - nboyle@eivtech.com
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