Woodford Lake Estates

WLE-Painting-2007Woodford Lake Estates, Inc., (WLE) a Non-Profit Corporation became a Uniform Common Interest Ownership Community on June 23, 2005. Woodford Lake Association Inc. (WLA) is the Landowners Association for this private community.

WLE land owners are stewards of the land they occupy within the development – watershed. According to the WLA Standing Rules of Procedure landowners help manage, protect and preserve the land and lake for future generations by abiding by all Vermont state laws. WLA is the designated “Development” management agency for the operation and maintenance of the development as below:

a) protect the lake and wetlands through proper stewardship, road stabilization, inlets and stream channels so as to prevent pollution, nutrient runoff and soil erosion that could diminish the water quality, fish habitat or impair other recreational uses of Woodford Lake,

b) encourage better shore and land conservation and property management,

c) educate members to identify and prevent infestation of exotic species of nuisance aquatic plants, and

d) inform and cooperate with lot owners regarding the enforcement of such conditions, covenants and restrictions by majority vote of the members, and, to counsel with the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and relevant state laws.

  • President: Carol Swanson, Phone: 203-954-8431
    Treasurer:  Debbie Patrutz, Phone:  617-308-3853
  • Road Commissioner: Kris Ballaert, Phone:  802-688-6828

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Declarations, 2005