Town Vacancies

It has become necessary to inform everyone of the dire need the town has for people to fill important vacant positions.  There are currently over eleven positions open that will have a great impact on the efficiency of running town business and maintaining important information and records.  Every position in the town, whether elected or appointed, effects every Woodford taxpayer, but especially the Woodford voters.  This is a great opportunity to share your opinion, knowledge and expertise.  These positions have always been held by the local residents and voters.  If there is no interest the town may have to look into hiring outside professionals and risk losing that local feel of town government that has always been a part of this town.  Many people, past and present, have shown dedication and commitment over the years, but now the town is in need of people to share the responsibility.  Please contact the town office at 442-4895 or via email at if you are interested.

AUDITOR: 2 positions each for 3 year term3 — Review and audits all town accounts and prepares the annual town report. Responsible for the proper financial accountability of the Town by ensuring that an annual audit is done.


CEMETERY COMMISSIONER: 3 positons each for 3 year term –This is a board of five members. Makes decisions concerning the mowing, cleaning and maintenance of all graves along with recognizing Veterans’ graves. Records sales of lot purchases and locations of lots.


LISTER:  Appraise property within the town for the prupose of property tax assessment.  Should be able to conduct themselves in a polite, yet firm and fair manner.


SECOND CONSTABLE: Confronts animal control issues through a civil process.  Should be good at deescalating and resolving conflicts.  17 VSA 2646 (7)


ZONING AND PLANNING:  Prepares a municipal plan, making recommendations on matters of land development, conservation, preservation, and participating in a regional planning program.  Makes site plan and subdivision permit decisions.  Should have a good working knowledge of all aspects of the town and be able to listen to many sides of an issue.

If you are interested in any of these positions or have any questions concerning them, please contact the Town at 802-442-4895 or email at