Town Characteristics

Woodford’s 30,332 acres makes it the largest of all towns in the Bennington region. Much of the town is on the upper plateau of the Green Mountain Range with elevations exceeding 2,000 feet. The town is nearly divided between the Hudson (Walloomsac) and Connecticut (West Branch – Deerfield) River Basins. The plateau supports a rich variety of aquatic environments including ponds and wetlands. Woodford Hollow on the western side of town is rugged with a narrow valley, and an extensive watershed including Bolles Brook, Bickford Hollow Brook, City Stream, and Stamford Stream. Woodford generously furnishes Bennington with its delicious water from Bolles Brook at no cost.  Much of the rural development is near Route 9, the town’s principal route. Over 90% of Woodford is Federally owned and part of Green Mountain National Forest.

Recreational opportunities abound. The National Forest hosts a section of the Long Trail (Appalachian Trail system) and the George D. Aiken Wilderness Area. The Woodford State Park is a popular destination for campers wishing to take advantage of the Green Mountains. Prospect Mountain Ski Area is a destination location for cross-country skiers. The streams, lakes and forest make Woodford a “go to” place for sportsmen. Woodford Sno-busters members take advantage of the VAST snowmobile trails. A-Z Snowmobiles supports those enthusiasts in season.

Wooford’s school is over 200 years old and enjoys an excellent reputation. Woodford Hollow is residential with the exception of Dave’s Auto where locals can depend on Dave and his staff to keep their cars running. Eastbound travelers will pass the Long Trail Parking Lot at the base of the so-called “Woodford Mountain” and climb through the Dunville Notch to arrive at the top where Prospect Ski Area is flanked by the Woodford General Store. If you want to experience a real general store, stop there. Situated around Big Pond, Woodford Lake Estates is home to many and second home to many others.

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