Town Vacancies

Woodford is looking to fill vacant positions that remain vacant after the recent elections. Serving in local office is a great way to give something back to your community, share your knowledge with others and learn new things.  Currently have the following vacant positions:

GRAND JUROR: 1 year term – Helps to prosecute criminal offenses that occur in the town by giving information to state and local law enforcement.

TOWN AGENT: 1 year term – Consists of assisting suits when litigation is in progress at the request of the select board.

LISTERS: 3 year term — Appraise property within the town for the purpose of property tax assessment. Should be able to conduct themselves in a polite, yet firm and fair manner.

AUDITOR: 3 year term– Review and audits all town accounts and prepares the annual town report. Responsible for the proper financial accountability of the Town by ensuring that an annual audit is done.

CEMETERY COMMISSIONER: 2 positons each for 3 year term –This is a board of five members. Makes decisions concerning the mowing, cleaning and maintenance of all graves along with recognizing Veterans’ graves. Records sales of lot purchases and locations of lots.

If you are interested in any of these positions or have any questions concerning them, please contact the Town at 802-442-4895 or email at



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